How to increase the number of potential customers in no time?

From by-chance to systematic

Natuzero Limited, Andy Wai

Studies have shown that a company has to contact strangers 9 times on average to have the opportunity to turn into potential customers.

If you have 100 contacts, you have to contact 900 times, each time you meet for 1 hour. If you work 5x7 every week, you will have to wait for about half a year, and the conversion rate is not counted.

So what is the clever point of practice?  Social Media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are certainly the best choice to increase awareness and increase engagement with your target audience.  However, both tools rely on natural contact and the cost is more difficult to budget or may not achieve the desired results.

Is there a lower cost approach?  Of course, as long as you effectively use your existing resources and a marketing system that can be continuously operated, the target customers will never stop.  The benefits of marketing automation include:

Utilize your contacts

As an entrepreneur, he/she will attend business activities/events from time to time, and has also exchanged a lot of business cards.  But what do you do with these business cards?

 1. bury one side and tie it with a bunch of elastic bands

 2. Contact once or twice, then use the first method

Have you ever thought about it, in fact, they are your precious resources?  There may be your ideal partner and a chance to be your potential customer.  The question is how to find them out?  What you need is a systematic approach, looping through and turning them into your gold mine.

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Increase exposure of your company

As I said at the beginning, I have to contact the average of nine times before I have the opportunity to transform strangers into potential customers because of their trust in your business.  But it is not to say that the quality of contact is ignored.  To build trust with your audience, you must first make the audience feel that you can provide value. To provide value for your audience, you must have empathy on the audience.  Many companies want to have results quickly and constantly provide information about their products or services, hoping to generate business immediately.  However, this does not create trust.

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Save your time and money

If you want to personally contact your contacts, even if you have team assistance, you should use a lot of manpower and resources.  Automated tools are absolutely necessary.  First you have to plan an information strategy that designs and lays out the entire information flow.  Automate information strategies with marketing automation system, such as sending information to target audiences every week.  When the audience feels the value of the information you send, trust is slowly built up without you or your team’s time.

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Increase conversion rate

When the degree of trust increases, the conversion rate increases accordingly. According to different industries, we can set different levels of compliance.  When you reach a certain level, you can try to meet with an interview or provide a product/service offer directly. The trust you have built before will work.

To sum up, in this fiercely competitive market, to establish its own uniqueness and advantages, marketing automation is a step that must be taken, not only saving time and manpower, but also improving conversion rate.  The difference between a large company and a small and medium-sized enterprise lies in the use of the system. As long as the system is continuously optimized, small enterprises can become large enterprises.