Insurance Agent

Share marketing efforts, generate and develop potential customers for insurance agents.

Insurance agents are industries that focus on customer relationships. No large-scale marketing is required, and a large number of activities are often required to maintain relationships and loyalty with existing customers. In the face of potential customers, it is necessary to highlight the personal advantages of the agent and increase the desire to purchase; perhaps more need to participate in social activities or sales activities. To build a broader customer base.

With an automated marketing system, insurance agents can focus more on sales.

  • The automated marketing system will periodically send personalized messages to insurance agents to maintain and enhance relationships and build a personal brand image.
  • Through content and reading habits, we are able to understand the habits and concerns of our customers, and it is easier to systematically classify customers and make sales.
  • The content not only can boost the customer’s purchasing intention, but also understand the customer’s acceptance and demand for the product. When there is limited time and resources, the priority of the work is assigned according to the possibility of “signing”.
  • In addition to selling insurance products, similar models can be used in recruitment.